Main Topic

  • New approaches in peptide/protein synthesis 

  • Biosynthesis of Bioactive Peptides 

  • Post-translational Modifications of Peptides and Proteins 

  • Peptide & Protein Design 

  • Proteomics and Emerging Technologies 

  • Peptide nucleic acids (PNA) C synthesis and applications 

  • Peptides/Peptidomimetics combinatorial chemistry 

  • Novel endogenous peptides 

  • Peptide/peptidomimetics therapeutics 

  • Peptide-protein interactions 

  • Nucleic acids-peptide interactions 

  • Peptide-lipid membrane interactions 

  • Structure-activity relationship 

  • Molecular modelling of peptide/protein structures and their interactions 

  • Peptide/protein structural studies and folding 

  • Role of peptides in genomics, proteomics and peptidomics 

  • Peptide drug discovery and design 

  • Peptide pharmacology and immunochemistry 

  • Peptides as diagnostic tools 

  • Analytical techniques in peptide research 

  • Peptide-based biomaterials 

  • Peptides in nanotechnology 

Following professors have agreed to give invited lectures at this symposium. More invited speakers will be added.

Saburo Aimoto, Osaka University
David Craik, University of Queensland
Nobutaka Fujii , Kyoto University
Zhongwu Guo, Wayne State University

Kyung-Soo Hahm, Chosun University
Richard A. Houghten, Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies 
Ziwei Huang, The Burnham Institute
Yanxing Jia, Insitut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, CNRS
Madeleine Joullie , University of Pennsylvania 
B. Moon Kim , Seoul National University
Yoshiaki Kiso , Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
Kit S. Lam , University of California, Davis
Jean Martinez , NRS, Universities de Montpellier I et II 
Hisakazu Mihara , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Naoto Minamino , National Cardiovascular Center, Japan
Victor J. Hruby , University of Arizona
Tomi Sawyer , ARIAD Pharmaceuticals
Masahiko Shishido , Okayama University
Takayuki Shioiri , Meijo University
A. Ian Smith, Monash University
James P Tam , The Scripps Research Institute-Scripps Florida
John Wade, University of Melbourne
Shaomeng Wang, University of Michigan
Xumu Zhang, Pennsylvania State University

Besides invited lectures (30 min), oral presentations (15-20 min) and posters will be arranged.