Updated: July 10th, 2006

Cathy award 

  • Cathy award is sponsored by Liu Huhan education fund. 

  • Local applicants who have excellent contribution to the development and promotion of Chinese peptide industry is eligible for this application 

  • Please submit resume and only 2 applicants will be selected for this award

Winner :Keliang Liu,  Jean Martinez

Young Scientist Award   (Sponsor by Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.)

  • Any applicants under 40 years who have presented his/her research papers in this peptide symposium and achieved excellence in his/her work is eligible for this award

  • Applicants are required to submit the application form, resume, full research paper and recommendation letter from one Professor to Chairman of 9th CPS, Prof. Ma Dawei

  • Only 4-5 applicants will be selected for this award

Winner : Yaqiu Long;  M. R. Carrasco; Minfeng Li;  Shaoying Wen

Excellent Poster Award    (Sponsor by  Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry)

  • Sponsor is  NOT confirmed.

  • To promote the poster presentation during peptide symposium. Selection Critieria: Scientific Data, On-site Discussion and Presentation

Winner : Bangzhi Zhang;  Chunrong Zhong;  Qiuyun Yu;  Yongxiang Chun

Peptide Special Award  (Sponsor by Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.)

  • Sponsor is  NOT confirmed.

  • Provide recognition to the contributor in the application of peptide

  • Applicants may be from company staffs but required to have joint application with participants from the peptide symposium.

  • Deadline of application: 1st May 2006 and required to submit application to the Chairman of 9th CPS with the recommendation letter from a Professor. The application must include the following criteria: 
    i. Uniqueness: Current Patent, or already awarded patent registration number
    ii. Application: DMF, FDA approval or sales in the market
    iii. Confidentiality: Do not infringe any IP yet able to review openly during the symposium

Student Support Fund  (Sponsor by C S Bio )


  • To encourage local students to participate in peptide symposium

  •  Reimbursement- Train ticket to Shanghai

  • Number of applicants- Not limited and they are required to submit his/her application signed by his/her mentor, student pass (photocopied), poster presentation, recommendation letter from a Professor to Chairman of 9th CPS by 1st May 2006.

  • A completed application form (click here to download).    



Chairman of 9th CPS,  Prof. Ma Dawei

 Tel: 0086-21-54925130

 Email: madw@mail.sioc.ac.cn